We have become so accustomed to using computers and cell phones in our work and personal lives that the original methods of using pen and paper are no longer so common.

Although our old-school methods of note-taking haven't gone entirely away, technology is advancing with no intention of slowing down; iPads are now used in service industries, video calls are replacing in-person interviews, and store receipts are making their way into our inboxes - all of which require typing skills.

What do you do to type faster?

You can learn a new typing speed skill without being bored, and you never have to be bored. It is, fortunately, possible to learn how to type fast with swift precision and accuracy by playing some effective games and apps.

Table of Contents

1. Why Typing Fast Matters?

2. 8 Most Effective Typing Games and Apps

    • For Beginners
    • For professional writers and programmers
    • Fun typing games

3. Bottom Line

Why Typing Fast Matters?

Typing fast is one of the most valuable skills you can learn. If you type fast, you can save 21 days a year!

Although shaving a few minutes from curating a long email or placing paragraphs in a text message may not seem to matter, the minutes quickly add up, and the long list of tasks eventually becomes frustrating. After a long day of work, you find yourself wasting time and facing an overwhelming pile of work.

By practicing and dedicating your spare time to muscle memory, you can alleviate some of those frustrations.

The ability to speed type can drastically improve other aspects of life, including time management and prioritization. It not only helps you complete tasks at work and in your personal life efficiently, but it also increases your productivity.

8 Most Effective Typing Games and Apps

Everyone learns differently and uses different methods. Some people work better under pressure and rushed deadlines, while others thrive when given ample time to learn and absorb the information they are given. There are many resources available on the internet, but it all comes down to finding one that helps you learn to the best of your ability.

If you're a keyboard ninja or not, here are some effective typing games and apps to test your speed and accuracy while maybe shooting some spaceships along the way.

For Beginners

1. Speed Typing Online

What could be more fun than typing to the story of Alice in Wonderland or the lyrics to "Hey Jude?"? This typing speed game offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the creative and familiar world of famous books, fables, songs, and even hone your skills in data entry.

It's a bright blue frame that holds the text, which turns green after the correct keystrokes have been entered. A statistics page appears at the end of the personal timer, showing you the number of words you typed per minute, your accuracy, your correct and incorrect entries, and your error rate.

2. Typing Trainer

Another online typing course for beginners is Typing Trainer, which offers step-by-step instructions. When learning the keys on a keyboard, it can be confusing especially for those who aren't as familiar with or getting adjusted to typing on a computer keyboard.

The Typing Trainer includes a collection of step-by-step tutorials that include sentence drills, the introduction of new keys as the lessons progress, and a skills test. In addition to highlighting unique features in each lesson, Typing Trainer includes a warm-up section to help build muscle memory and help users learn to type without looking at the keyboard.

The website can also detect difficulties the user is experiencing when typing specific words or sentences.

3. TapTyping – Typing Trainer

It is one thing to physically type on a keyboard, it is another thing to type on a touch screen mobile device.

Cell phones are increasingly integrated into our daily lives, so learning to type on mobile is as much a skill as learning to type on a computer. The TapTyping - Typing Trainer mobile app allows users to practice typing on the go, which makes it perfect for commuters who want to practice during their downtime.

TapTyping allows you to compete with other typists from around the world on the global leaderboard and test yourself with advanced lessons. You can always improve, and with the app, you can see where you make mistakes by watching a heat map of your finger strokes.

For professional writers and programmers

4. The Most Dangerous Writing App

Designed for writers facing a writing block or on a tight deadline, the Most Dangerous Writing App forces your fingers to type as quickly as your ideas.

Everything you wrote will slowly disappear from the screen if you stop writing longer than 5 seconds.

Sessions last from 3 minutes to 20 minutes or can be between 75 and 1667 words long. If you're stuck on a chapter of a manuscript or want to help with procrastination, then this online app is perfect for you.

If you're up for the challenge, try the hardcore mode, where a letter is displayed at a time. This level prevents you from seeing the entire word, sentences, or even correcting any spelling or grammatical mistakes until the timer runs out.

For your information, copying and pasting are not possible until the session is over.

5. The Typing Cat

Are you interested in improving your typing skills? The Typing Cat also serves as a personal tutor, providing lessons in regular typing as well as lessons in more complex subjects such as HTML. Learning how to type code can also be an invaluable skill.

Even if you have no interest in coding, using the code course enhances your typing skills and allows your fingers to familiarize themselves with uncommon word combinations and punctuation placement on a keyboard.

Even typists who are experts at typing will find the coding course challenging, but it's all a matter of developing muscle memory. According to Psychology Today, only a handful of people learn how to type by looking at an actual keyboard, while the majority locate specific keys intuitively through muscle memory.

EcmaScript 6, HTML 5, and CSS 3 are among the courses available.

Fun typing games

6. ZType — Space Invaders Meet Webster

Remember when you used to shoot two-bullet lasers at tiny purple and green aliens from one end of the screen to the other during the '70s? It's hard to believe Space Invaders is 40 years old, but ZType, a typing game with an arcade-style shooting concept, can still deliver the same adrenaline rush.

There are waves - stages that must be cleared, but instead of aliens, you must type out the words before the missiles destroy your ship. 

Sometimes, longer and more complex words will appear and if the words are not typed in the allotted time, a series of letters will disperse like missiles.

The game is quick on the fingers and will keep you hooked to the very end.

7. Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Although this game costs money to purchase, if you're looking for a fun and new way to learn how to type fast, it's worth the investment.

A role-playing game about a young girl riding a fox in a magical and fictional realm, Epistory - Typing Chronicles pits them against enemies in the form of words.

It's easy to forget you're playing a typing game once you get started. While building your typing skills, you will be captivated by the papercraft art aesthetics and characters' storyline of the game.

8. Daily Quote Typing

Are you looking for inspiration? Look no further.

Daily Quote Typing is one of the many games you can play at - a website that offers a variety of typing games for varying levels of expertise. Users can type out inspirational quotes from famous leaders, inventors, and innovators, such as Mark Twain and Albert Einstein, with Daily Quote Typing.


1) How can I learn to type faster?

Practice frequently (15-30 minutes a day) is much more effective than practicing for an hour or more once a week. You should be able to learn touch typing fluently within 2-3 months, maybe even less, if you practice regularly and don't give up. After practicing for 10 - 15 hours, you will be able to touch type slowly.

2) Do typing games improve speed?

Several online typing games can help you increase your speed and accuracy while improving your typing speed. Remember to use all 10 fingers when playing these games: Practice good typing habits. Take good care of your posture while working.

3) What is Type touching?

With touch typing, you can type without using your eyes or simply by feeling the keyboard. Through this method, the fingers become so accustomed to typing that they instinctively go to the appropriate keys without the typist even having to see the keyboard.


At the end of the day, discipline and patience are the keys to typing faster. A commitment must be made not only to improving your typing abilities but to developing a lifelong skill that will benefit you in many areas of your life.

When you practice daily and use effective games and apps, it's only a matter of time before keystrokes become second nature and your brain adapts to learning other skills more quickly.